Monday, July 18, 2016

I'm Bad at Keeping Up with My Blog

{disclaimer: this post is about to be HELLA long, sorry not sorry}

L O L let me just tell you something... I've been trying to tell myself to sit down and write for this blog for over 4 months now & I just couldn't seem to find the concentration to sit and blog. #oops

Since I last updated you on my adventures in 2016, I've done A LOT so let's get all caught up and acquainted again! 

Only a few weeks after my last blog post my plans to visit George at Ole Miss were put into motion! 

I was so happy to have Sydney make the 6 hour drive with me to Oxford, MS. Our drive featured a lot of throwback Britney music & life talks. Sydney even toured the law school at Ole Miss while we were there! (here's to hoping she gets to go there!) 
George was more than excited to show Sydney and I around Ole Miss, including visiting the Grove, where all the Rebel tailgates are held!
Syd & I felt so welcome in the Phi Mu Alpha Delta house and were so excited to visit with the women of their chapter! 

 Only a few days after getting home from Oxford I was on a plane to Atlanta, GA for Phi Mu Officer Academy! OA is a new program that Phi Mu has started which gathers executive board members from every chapter in the nation for training-- that's over 800 Phi Mu women in one building! 

I made a friend at OA! Sam is a member of the Phi Mu chapter at Mercer University in Georgia!

#thankful that Delta Airlines served Starbs on the plane bc I was in need of a boost after three non-stop days of Phi Mu training! 
In March our chapter held a Father-Daughter baseball game! My dad wasn't able to make it to the event; however, the rest of my family came to support, my brother even played with me! 

Fast forward to the end of March: Greek Week was upon us & (despite my lack of pictures from this week) there was SO MUCH going on. George was on spring break and instead of heading to the beach he spent the week with me.
 {read: He was dragged to every event of the week & was volun-told to help move props for songfest}
George was a trooper when it came to coming to the Greek Week events with me
Syd and I loved the sisterhood retreat FRIENDS theme! 
 Every spring Kappa Eta holds our philanthropy event, Dodge-A-Paluza! Dodge is a dodgeball tournament held on campus & all the proceeds go to the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals! This year Kappa Eta raised over $20,000!!!!!!!!!!

I was in complete awe when formal rolled around; I felt like 2016 had just started! More importantly, I was happy to have George with me to dance the night away!  

I felt like this picture needed to be shared with the world. This is a true insider look at our relationship: me being sassy about something and George half listening but still nodding along lol

The month of May always feels like it's going to be overwhelming & exciting all at once; however, I think this May was pretty chill. I didn't have many final exams, actually I had none, so I just enjoyed the lack of schoolwork and relaxed for most of the month. 

Obligatory Phi Mu picture because why not

George & I went to the Greek Festival in New Orleans for the second year in a row! Of course I had to get a Gyro! 
I've been going to the beach a lot more this summer than last year and I have to say it's a very welcome change. It's nice to be able to sit down enjoy the waves and breeze every once in a while! 

I'M 20!!!!!!!!Taylor and Sydney made the drive from Thibodaux to spend my 20th with me & they made it such a good day!  george was there, too
On June 4th my brother got married! 
shoutout to my brother for making me ugly cry at his wedding. much luv bro. 
In case you're unfamiliar with cake pulls I'll explain: in this area little charms are inserted into the wedding cake and selected single women are chosen to pull the charms out. Each charm has a meaning and pulling the wedding ring charm is supposed to mean that you're next to get married! (hence george's lack of excitement)

As an official roommate of The Vine (the house) we celebrated Taylor turning 21! 

After two years I finally made a trip down to Grand Isle & got my first taste of a real Louisiana meat pie! Unfortunately, we couldn't get in the water because of the flesh eating bacteria that it currently plaguing some Gulf Coast beaches. It was still such a good day!

And there you have it, 2016 up to now. Shoutout to you if you stuck with this post all the way to the end, u the real mvp. See ya soon!