Get to Know Me

Hey there!

I'm Megan; future teacher, Phi Mu, and lover of all things spring colored and monogrammed.

 Born and raised just outside of New Orleans, I regular the French Quarter, where I am immersed in the beauty and mystery of the history behind the region I call home.
        (which also satisfies my inner history nerd)

 I dream of traveling the world and experiencing the wealth of culture the world has to offer before starting my big girl life right here in the South.
        (let's be honest, I wouldn't make it if I moved up North)

On this blog you'll get a glimpse into my life through the drinks I enjoy and the photos I take.

Remember that it isn't always the subject in the forefront of an image that holds the most significance, sometimes the hidden (or not so hidden) details in the background make a photo meaningful.

I hope you enjoy!

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