Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Two for the Show

Everyone in and around New Orleans knows (or at least you should) about The Saenger Theater, the beautiful, newly restored performing arts theater located on historic Canal Street. Personally, I can say that every time I enter the theater it takes my breath away all over again, but sadly this post isn't about the theater itself, rather it's about the shows I'm lucky enough to go to at least once a month. 

For my birthday this past May, my mom prompted me with two choices for presents: one set of really amazing seats in the Saenger for one Broadway in New Orleans show OR moderate seats with season tickets. My choice was obvious, right? Go see a bunch of really awesome shows with moderate seats because there is no such thing as a bad seat in the Saenger! So that's just what we've been doing. 

The first show we saw was Disney's The Little Mermaid, which was also the beginning of my trying to convince my mom it's okay to drop $12 on a plastic glass of bubbly as long as we were coming to these shows because nothing says "I'm a regular theater go-er" quite like champagne at a show, right?

Next up on our list of shows was Rodgers + Hammerstein's Cinderella, a show that put a few twists on the most well-known princess fairytale. And as we see here I was still convincing mom about those glasses of champagne. #blessed

This past weekend was our third and final show of  2015 (worry not, the season continues until May). Disney's Newsies was much more than I could have ever expected. I went into this show knowing almost nothing about it and was completely blown away by the incredible acting and dancing from the cast. The only bad part about this show? My glass of champagne was missing.  

I'm ecstatic to see what the rest of this season has to offer (hopefully more champagne) and cannot wait to be back in the Saenger among the twinkling stars ~lights on the ceiling~ in the city that I love oh so much.  

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